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So, what's special about entireHR?

EntireHR was not created by a software designer. Instead a business expert created a business system, designed specifically to enhance sales and improve the efficiency of every user connected to an labour-hire agency business. The chief “dreamer”: Steve Thomson has been involved in businesses every day of his life since he was 19. Beginning his career working for the government as a Detective with the Victorian Police Force, he soon developed a love for systems and efficient work processes. Later he built up medium business enterprises and achieved great success with a large billion dollar corporation. Eventually he started his own company that is now a national multi-million dollar business. Over this established career he learnt that achieving business dominance came from empowering his “front line” staff and leveraging new technology within his industry.

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This future thinking led Steve to design the prototype for the entireHR solution. Combining his love of systems, his previous design experience as an architect and an established business acumen. He wanted a hr management software that enhanced company performance whilst providing comprehensive service to both clients and personnel, automatically. He succeeded. With intuitive aesthetics powered by cloud technology, Entire HR does the heavy lifting while you focus on your business relationships and your people.

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Integrated Cloud Database
Cloud Technology
Recruitment Workflow Dashboard
Recruitment Dashboard
Casual & Permanent Allocations
Candidate Application Process
Powerful Recruitment Screening
New Applications
Customisable Onboarding Process
Applicant Screening
100% Paperless Member Management
Recruitment Process
Automated Expiry Checking
Onboarding Checklist Safeguards
Final Appointment
ID Card Printer Integration
Print ID Cards
Track Employment History
Personnel Card
Instant CLoud Availability
Member Preferences
Member Preferences
Shift Allocations
Shift Allocations
SMS / Push Notification
SMS Push Notification
Staff Communication
Staff Communication
Payroll Processing
Payroll Processing
Invoice Processing
Invoice Processing
Service Rates
Service Rates
Client Portal - New Booking
Client Portal - New Booking
Member Portal - Shift Released
Member Portal - Shift Released
My Availability
My Availability
My Shifts
My Shifts
Broadcast Shift to Accept
Broadcast Shift to Accept
Releases Shifts
Releases Shifts
Timesheet Submission
Timesheet Submission

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Fully integrated on-hire HR solution

A unique combination of business analysts and software developers gives you a performance-based recruitment agency software with beautiful aesthetics and incredible functionality. Delight in flexible user-friendly software solutions to deliver exceptional results for both large businesses and HR professionals.

Each solution below has many unique features and we recommend a quick demo to truly appreciate the complexity of the software.

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Your Own Company App

Staff App
Internal Staff App

Welcome to a true mobile extension of your labour hire software for Recruitment, Sales and Payroll. This app allows internal staff to edit and print Cards, upload documents, validate personnel registrations and compliances. Create prospective clients or edit existing client's information such as site reporting instructions or parking directions. The App also enables external personnel timesheets to be submitted anywhere at any time. Whether on the road, on site, in the bath or out for dinner your internal staff app is ready to assist your core entireHR system at any time.

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training & support

The best recruitment software, designed intelligently and simply, should flow easily for the user once it is understood properly. Changeover of any major system is always a huge commitment for any business and time is money when it comes to learning any new software. Additionally we offer immense support, expertise and recommendations in importing and exporting you hands on.

We understand how important a quick and seamless transition is for your business and thusly we deliver free business-hours service and IT support for ALL our ERP products for your first year (small fee for non business-hours). All our training and support services are developed through exceptional industry experience to guarantee rapid financial returns from your new software investment. Our IT training gurus and business analysts can ensure both your staff and clients benefit from the implementation process.

Your new software should be a point of pride for your organisation and your success is our mission. If you'd like to see our online helpsite for all questions on entireHR FAQ simply jump to the "Support" menu option in top right hand corner.

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